Welcome to the Carefree Desert Gardens

The Crown Jewel of Carefree, and an amazing oasis in the desert, the Carefree Desert Gardens is only one of two public botanical gardens in the Valley located along Easy Street in downtown, Carefree, AZ. The Gardens are open 365 days a year.

Situated on four acres, couples and families can stroll and enjoy rare and fascinating desert plant specimens on a self-guided walking tour which leads visitors to experience a purely visual and emotional connection with nature.  Walking Tour Map
Inspired by Carefree master gardeners and residents June Reilly and Marilyn Maloney, who wanted to spruce up the town center’s flora, looked to Mark and Juanita Wdowiak of Desert Foothills Landscape who agreed to get involved to design and donate hundreds of plants and labor to the project. The Carefree Desert Gardens were first installed in 2001 as part of a Town Center beautification project and the Gardens officially were redone and open for the public in November of 2011.
One of the most prized plants and one not to be missed, is the crested saguaro. The rare saguaro with the fanlike or lumpy top is said to occur in only 1 in 20,000 saguaros. Another rare find is the curious-looking boojum tree. The skinny tree can reach 65 feet high and resembles a spiny, upside-down carrot.

Visit Carefree Desert Gardens to enjoy the serene natural setting. Learn about some of the unique plant specimens, or attend one of the many special events and garden seminars. 

Desert Foothills Landscape went far above and beyond any expectations, to produce a fabulous Carefree Desert Botanical Gardens "Wonderland" in downtown Carefree. 

You can visit their website at http://www.desertfoothillslandscape.com/


Committee Members

Members of the Carefree Desert Gardens Committee are:
​Master Gardeners
  • Faith Pipp
  • Joanne Rebollo
  • Marilyn Maloney
  • Pamela Slate
  • Sue Plosker
  • Horticulturalist, Rita Gosnell
  • Carefree Resident, Joe DeVito