Carefree Desert Gardens Seminar Series

Seminars are held on Saturday beginning at 9:30 a.m. in the Town Council Chambers, 
33 Easy St. 
Map to 33 Easy Street

The Town of Carefree is pleased to announce the 2020 dates for the return of its popular annual garden seminars. Programs usually include a plant raffle, and a suggested donation of $5 or more is requested in order to support these programs.

Call the Town of Carefree at 480-488-3686 for more information.

Seminar Series Planning Committee
Master Gardeners: Pamela Slate, Faith King, Sue Plosker, Marilyn Maloney and Joanne Rebollo
Horticulturist: Rita Gosnell

Photo by Noelle Johnson

January 11, 2020 -  Desert Gardening Simplified 

Guest Speaker: Noelle Johnson, aka “AZ Plant Lady” and writer of the popular garden blog "Ramblings from a Desert Garden." 

Do you look out your window and think you live in a parched wasteland? Do you long to step out into an inviting space to relax and de-stress? Desert residents can create, grow and maintain a beautiful garden with little fuss. Ms. Johnson will share how to avoid and fix mistakes, and provide tried and true strategies for creating an enticing, long-lasting outdoor space.

Photo: Noelle Johnson


February 8, 2020 - Garden Insects:  Friends And Foes 

Guest Speaker: Carol Stuttard, an adjunct professor in the Horticulture Department at Mesa Community College and instructor at Desert Botanical Garden.

In the U.S. alone, there are approximately 91,000 species of insects, and to date we have lost 40% of the world’s bug population. Insects are our benefactors, providing us with food, clothing and dyes, but some are destructive. Ms. Stuttard will introduce attendees to the fascinating world of insects, discerning which ones are garden allies and which ones are its enemies.

Photo by Judy Mielke

March 14, 2020 - Blending Hardscape with Landscape 

Guest Speaker: Judy Mielke, Senior Landscape Architect with Logan Simpson.

Using a variety of hardscapes, including walls, pavers, seating, ramadas, fireplaces and water features, combined with beautiful plants which provide shade, color and even food, it may be surprising how fun and easy it is to create an inviting landscape. Ms. Mielke will also discuss mulch materials, both rock and organic, and water harvesting ideas.

Photo: Judy Mielke

Jacqueline 4-18-20 660kb

April 18, 2020 - Gardening for Fragrance 

Inthe interest of public health and safety the April 18 Carefree Garden Seminarhas been cancelled.  The April seminar was to have been our fourth andfinal seminar of the year.  The seminar series featuring notable Arizonagardening experts will return in January 2021 with a series of seminars throughApril.

Thanksto all of you who spent a Saturday morning or more with us this year. I alwaysenjoy the expertise of our speakers and the passion and interest of those whoattend. We are looking forward to getting together next January.

Staysafe and healthy.

Guest Speaker: Jacqueline Soule Ph.D., a Tucson native holding numerous degrees in Botany, as well as an award-winning author and public speaker.

Fragrance is often neglected when selecting plants for the landscape, yet smell is the most evocative of the five senses. Whether from foliage or flowers, a fragrant garden is alluring, inviting us to explore its sweet and delicate scents. Dr. Soule will introduce attendees to some of the many fragrant plants that thrive while adding enchanting scents to Southwest desert gardens.

Photo: Jacqueline Soule