The Carefree Sundial- Largest in the United States

Marking Time by Day and the North Star by Night

The Carefree Sundial landmark sits in downtown Carefree along Easy Street within the Carefree Desert Gardens.

Completed in 1959, it is the largest sundial in the country and third-largest in the Western Hemisphere and was designed by architect Joe Wong and solar engineer John Yellott.  

The Carefree Sundial stands 35 feet tall, extends 72 feet and is 90 feet in diameter and points to the north star. Located in Sundial Circle Plaza in downtown Carefree, Arizona, this huge dial is made of steel and plated with anodized copper and the metal gnomon, the shadow-casting portion of the dial rises 35 feet above the plaza.

On a clear sunny day, the Carefree Sundial is a majestic structure to photograph against the gorgeous backdrop of the Sonoran Desert.  HISTORIC SUNDIAL VIDEO

Thomas Baker - 1st Place 2013 Photo Contest
Photos by Thomas Baker (top) and Herbie Hitchon (below)