Sanderson Lincoln Gives Back to the Commmunity

The Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion is the center of all of Carefree's Downtown activities and events located within the heart of the Desert Gardens. In 2013, Sanderson Lincoln generously gifted the Town funds for a large capital improvement project for what was then called  the Amphitheater.
The Council voted unanimously for Mayor David Schwan to sign the Letter of Intent provided by the Sanderson Lincoln car dealership, located in Phoenix at 2121 W. Bell Road, to accept funding of $250,000 for the capital improvement project which provided additional shade sails, lighting, and a sound system to the amphitheater in the Carefree Desert Gardens.  The amphitheater will henceforth be known as the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion.

Patrick Heigl, Sales Manager said, "We are humbled and grateful just to be thought of for naming rights of the Pavilion, a great vision, we believe, to be able to add to the beautiful grounds and the great aesthetics you have here in Carefree."  Sanderson Lincoln has participated in several events in the community, and they consider it a home-away-from-home, saying that folks have embraced them, which they really appreciate.
Grand Opening of the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion
Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion
(Left to right), Patrick Heigl-Sales Manager, Rebecca Lombardo-General Manager, Max Sirstins-Director of Advertising, and Jenny Kester-Graphic Design and Marketing, all of whom were in attendance for the opening.
Councilwoman Melissa Price thanked Sanderson Lincoln for their participation in our festivals.  She expressed appreciation for "their enormous generosity in giving back to the communities throughout Arizona", and thanked them "for their desire to become part of our Carefree community."  Ms. Price also pointed out that "there is never one person who makes these things happen".  She acknowledged Kim Prince of ProvenMedia and Roberta Toombs-Rechlin of Magic Bird Festivals for introducing Carefree and Sanderson Lincoln via the Magic Bird Festivals held in the Gardens.  She also placed great credit with fellow Council member Glenn Miller, who represents the Town at the Festivals.  She cited his "welcoming personality", which "forged a wonderful relationship with Sanderson Lincoln", and ended by saying, "We are happy tonight to welcome you to Carefree."  
Vice Mayor Les Peterson related that he asked them what sort of recognition they wanted Carefree to provide, and quoted their response as, "It's not about recognition; it's giving back to the community."  He too thanked them very much.
Councilman John Crane stated he's been to many of the events  and, like a good neighbor, Sanderson Lincoln has been there.  Now they will be a great partner.  "Thank you for stepping up." 
Councilman Glenn Miller said he had the pleasure of working with Sanderson Lincoln all last year at the festivals.  "They were the nicest people I've ever worked with.  They really are community involved."  "They really are everywhere within the various communities.  They really do give back.  And these are the kind of people we want to partner with.  And that's how we're looking at it; the whole proposal is a partnership.   It's really a pleasure working with the Sanderson family and team."