Astonishing Sand Sculpture by Artist Ray Villafane! 

The Town of Carefree invited world-renowned artist and sculptor Ray Villafane to create sand art sculptures like no other within the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion in the Carefree Desert Gardens.

This 30-ton masterpiece of the Tortellini Brothers took 30 days to complete. The filtered silt was sourced from Arizona's Salt River, then mixed with water and tamped to provide a sculpting consistency. 
FUN FACT: Villafane Studios also creates the carved pumpkins that adorn the Town of Carefree's Enchanted Pumpkin Garden event each October!
Our most frequently asked question is what happened to the 2016 elephant Ray sculpted? 
"Chessie Trunkston" 
was re-purposed into the Tortellini Brothers 30-ton sculpture!

The Sand and Stone theme came from Ray's love of balancing rocks. He invited professional stone balancer Tim Anderson to assist him in transforming the Carefree Desert Gardens into a stone-stacking playground in March of 2017.