1. Building Regulations
  2. Building Code
  3. Building Inspections
  4. Colors & Materials
  5. Construction in Right-of-Way
  6. Construction Sales Tax
  7. Drainage
  8. Fences
  9. Grading
  10. Home Occupations
  11. Horses
  12. Landscaping
  13. Motor Homes & Trailers
  14. Outdoor Lighting
  15. Real Estate Signs
  16. Satellite Antennas
  17. Solar Collectors
  18. Swimming Pools
Building Regulations
  • All construction requires a permit.
  • Property owners must submit 2 sets of completed plans that include the legal description, zoning district, contractor's name and license number, engineered site survey, topographic survey and drainage study prepared by a civil engineer or registered land surveyor.
  • All proposed and existing improvements are to be plotted on the topographic survey showing proposed and existing floor elevations.
  • Plans also must show setbacks, utilities, exterior colors, landscaping, disturbance areas, etc. A pre-grading inspection is required after the permit is issued and before any grading work commences. Protected plants should be moved to the designated temporary nursery. Please call the Carefree Building Department to arrange for a pre-grading inspection.
  • A plan review fee is payable at the time building plans are submitted and it equals 65 percent of the building permit fee which is calculated on construction valuation.
  • Complete Residential Building Packes are available for pickup at the Town Hall. Construction noise is limited to 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sundays and holidays.