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Bid Package:Cave Creek Road Improvements and Pedestrian Crosswalk Improvements   
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Public Street Management

The Carefree Planning and Zoning Department  oversees right-of-way permits for work occurring in the right-of-ways. The right-of-way includes the Town’s public streets and the respective shoulder area.  Both the Town's Public Works Department and Town Administration manage public street maintenance projects.

10-Year Pavement Preventative Maintenance Plan

Approximately every 7 years, the Town evaluates the condition of streets to determine and prioritize the level of maintenance to extend the life of the streets. On January 10, 2012, the 10-Year Pavement Preventative Maintenance Plan was considered and approved by the Town Council. The 10-Year Preventative Maintenance Plan gives an introduction to pavement preventative maintenance. It outlines why asphalt typically cracks and  summarizes the different procedures used to minimize this effect and prolong the life of streets.

The plan summarizes the results of the 2011 evaluation of the Town’s streets and outlines the recommendations for the type of maintenance, scheduling, and the estimated cost. The recommendations are grouped into larger projects that will occur in intervals over a 10-year time horizon.

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