2023 Special Election

2023 Special Election Results
On May 16, 2023 Carefree residents will have the opportunity to vote in a special election to determine the direction the Town will take in regard to fire and emergency medical services within the community. If voters approve this decision it will create a solvent and sustainable revenue stream to fund a transition to a more robust and dependable regional emergency response system called Automatic Aid.
For voting and ballot information, visit our Voter Information webpage.
What's on the ballot?

Resolution 2022-18 calls for a special election to occur in May 2023 to consider a primary property tax to enable the community to support the long-term financial commitment to become part of Automatic Aid. By state law such special election can only occur in May.

  • Should voters elect to approve a property tax to fund this service, Resolution 2022-19 is in place as a safeguard to restrict the funds collected with the primary property tax to fund the contract for Fire and Emergency Medical Services.
  • If approved, the tax assessment will begin in July 2023 and will be due with the first Maricopa County collection in October 2023.
  • Should voters elect not to approve a property tax to support an Automatic Aid contract, the Town of Carefree will continue its service contract with Rural Metro and inherit the risk of inadequate regional assistance during a time of need.
Proposed Tax Levy
  • The proposed primary tax levy is capped at $2.0 million and will never exceed this amount without a public vote as outlined in the Town's ordinance.
  • This levy does not cover the entire costs of funding the contract with an Automatic Aid partner. The Town will balance the annual costs of its new fire contract with the Town's annual sales tax collection. The levy will offset the past structural deficit of the fire fund which has averaged about $400,000 annually, pay for the cost differential in joining Automatic Aid, and cover estimated annual cost increases to pay for the 25-year commitment.
Homeowner Impact
  • Property taxes are not assessed on the market value of a home but a discounted valuation called Limited Property Value.
  • A primary tax level of $2.0 million would translate for the average home in Carefree with a Limited Property Value (LPV) of $630,000, to $55.67 per month or $668 per year.
  • For comparison, prior to the Town assuming the master contract with Rural Metro 20 years ago, residents were independently paying an average of $750 annually to Rural Metro. In today's dollar, that annual subscription would exceed $1,000 annually.


Contact Info

Kandace French Contreras

Town Clerk/Treasurer