Town Administrator Responsibilities

Town Code

The administrator shall act in the capacity of the chief administrative officer of the town government and shall be responsible to the council for the proper handling and implementation of all affairs of the town under the specific direction and control of the council. In addition to the general powers as the chief administrative officer and not as a limitation thereon, it shall be the administrator's responsibility and authority to:

1. Manage the administration and operation of the town staff:

a. The council, and individual council members, shall deal with the town and the town staff and the administrative services they provide only through the administrator, except for the purposes of inquiry.

b. Appoint and, when necessary, suspend or terminate all employees of the town, except those officers appointed by the council.

c. Coordinate the administrative functions and operations of the various departments, boards, divisions, and services of the town government and, on its behalf, carry out policies, rules, regulations, ordinances, and provisions of the town code relating to the administration of the affairs of such departments, boards, divisions, or services.

d. Analyze the functions, duties, and activities of the various departments, boards, and services of the town government and of all employees, and recommend to the council any changes which, in the administrator's judgment, would result in a more efficient or more effective town government.

2. Manage the administrative functions of the town:

a. Attend all meetings of the council, unless excused therefrom, and report on any matter concerning activities, departments, and services under his or her supervision about which, in his or her judgment, the council should be informed; attend, or designate a representative to attend, all board and commission meetings.

b. Prepare, or cause to be prepared, all required regulatory and other filings or reports as required from a town government entity.

3. Manage the development and implementation of the annual town budget:

a. Prepare, or cause to be prepared, the annual operations budgets estimates and submit them to the council. Be responsible for the administration of the operating budget after adoption.

b. Recommend to the council the purchase of machinery, equipment, and supplies along with the means by which these items will be obtained.

c. Supervise the expenditures of all departments, divisions, or services of the town government.

d. Monitor the implementation of the approved annual town budget to maintain coordination with changes in anticipated tax receipts, cash flow and income to the town.

4. Serve as the purchasing agent for the town:

a. All town expenditures of any kind or expenditure level shall first involve and secure the concurrence of the administrator before being committed.

b. Manage, supervise and control the expenditures for all goods and/or services purchased by the town by all departments, divisions, or other aspects of the town government.

c. Acquire and maintain inventory of the town's personal property and recommend to the council the purchase of machinery, equipment, and supplies along with the means by which these will be obtained.

d. Supervise the use, maintenance, upkeep and safekeeping of all town physical assets.

e. Acquire and maintain inventory of the town's personal property.

5. Other responsibilities:

a. Work with the mayor and council in resolving town priorities.

b. Work with the mayor and council in evaluating alternatives under consideration by the council.

c. Work with the mayor, council and others regarding supervising the implementation of town projects.

d. Assist in the scheduling, managing and/or coordination all activities (e.g., proprietary town events, fairs, festivals, performances, etc.) in the town center and Carefree Desert Gardens.

e. Work with the town attorney on all matters requiring legal review and action.

f. Ensure that all laws and ordinances of the town are enforced, and recommend that the council adopt such measures or ordinances as may contribute to the health, safety, or welfare of the community or improve administrative services.

g. Investigate all complaints concerning the administration of the government and any contract and/or service maintained by the town, and report all findings to the council, and confirm that all franchises, permits, and privileges granted by the town are faithfully observed.

h. Perform such other duties as may be required by the council not inconsistent with the laws of the state or the provisions of the ordinances of the town, and devote full time to the discharge of official duties.

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