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Water Storage Reservoir Update


Water Storage Reservoir Update:

The last of three phases of construction on the Tom Darlington Water Storage Reservoir was approved by the Board of Directors September 6, 2022. This phase includes backfilling the already constructed concrete reservoir, construction of a small utility/equipment area on the west side of the site and landscaping the site to re-establish the natural Sonoran Desert character of the area. The rough backfill work, which was the most "intensive" construction effort in this third phase, was concluded in early November 2022. Fine grading of the site will be accomplished toward the landscaping portion of the phase.
Much of the remaining work on the Water Storage Reservoir is more specialized and localized, taking place on-site, and much of it is also dependent upon other items taking place. Work on the small utility area on the western portion of the site includes construction of the utility area security wall. The split-face masonry block for the construction of the security wall has been affected by supply-chain issues and expected delivery is mid-March.
There are many other on-site equipment and material details that factor into completion of this work, but the major remaining events that will be more visible to the community are as follows:
- Construction of the utility area security wall scheduled to begin in March.
- Landscaping of the east side of the site adjacent to the Boulders residential area anticipated to occur in April.
- Work on the west side of the site in the utility area will continue through April and into May.
- Final landscaping on the west side of the site along Tom Darlington will be accomplished sometime in May.