The municipal fiscal cycle commences on July 1st, concluding on June 30th. Each spring, in anticipation of the forthcoming fiscal year, the Town methodically assesses its revenues and outlines its expenditures. This evaluation is facilitated through a sequence of open public meetings convened by the Town Council, fostering transparency as they scrutinize, deliberate, and endorse the Town’s annual budget. This webpage serves as a repository, detailing the procedural steps and accompanying documents integral to this transparent process.

FY 2024-25 Budget Process:

  • Tuesday, Feb. 6 – Council Meeting – Compensation & Classification Study Results
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  • Tuesday, Feb. 20 – Workshop – Revenue Forecast and Diversification Discussion
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  • Thursday, March 21 – Workshop – Staff Presentations
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  • Tuesday, April 23 – Workshop – Forecasted FY Revenues and Planned Expenditures
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  • Tuesday, April 30 – Workshop – Draft Program Based Budget
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  • Tuesday, May 7 – Council Meeting – Adoption of Bottomline expenditures
  • Tuesday, June 4 – Council Meeting – Approval of Town Budget


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