Business Licenses

Applying for a business license in Carefree is a straightforward process. Payments of all applicable fees mentioned below can be paid in-person at Town Hall (8 E Sundial Circle) or via phone call 480-488-3686. Follow the steps to ensure a smooth application process:

ALL businesses must obtain a license prior to opening for business in the Town of Carefree (Town Code, Chapter 8, Section 8-1-1 License Required).

Step 1: Fill Out An Application

The first step to doing business in Carefree is filling out the business license application either online or with the fillable PDF. Here are the specific requirements based on your business location:

  • In-Town Business License: If you have a brick and mortar store and you are physically conducting business within Carefree, you must fill out the Business License application. For new businesses in Carefree, business owners must begin the Certificate of Occupancy process (see step 3).

  • Out-of-Town Business License: If you are conducting business in Carefree but do not have a physical presence in Town, you still must maintain a current Business License application.

  • Carefree Friday Farmers' Market: Vendors participating in the Carefree Friday Farmers' Market must obtain approval from the head of the Farmers' Market before applying for their business license.

Providing a copy of your Sales Tax TPT License with your application is required to verify that the Town of Carefree is listed under your business region. If Carefree is not listed, your application could be denied.

Step 2: Verify Local Zoning /Tenant Improvements

If you are considering to start a new business in Carefree, you must verify that local zoning regulations permit your type of business. Our Planning Director & Zoning Administrator, Stacey Bridge-Denzak, will review the zoning of the property your business is located on to confirm if your proposed use for that location complies with the Town's Zoning Ordinance requirements. The Town strongly encourages you to reach out and ensure your business is permitted before signing a lease or purchasing the property.

If you plan to make any improvements to your location, including paint, flooring, drywall, etc., you must apply for a Tenant Improvement permit and/or demo permit. Our Building Official, John Gunn, can assist with ensuring you meet the Commercial Tenant Improvement Standards.

Step 3: Building Safety Inspection /Certificate of Occupancy ($100)

Before starting operations of your business a Certificate of Occupancy is required. The Building Department must perform a safety inspection which requires a payment of a $100 fee. This must be paid prior to scheduling an inspection, please call 480-488-3686 and leave a message stating your name, phone number, business name, and business address.

Once the business inspection is approved, your Certificate of Occupancy will be issued at the same time of your Business License and available for pick-up at Town Hall (8 Sundial Circle).

Step 4: Obtain Business License ($40)

After all the previous steps have been fulfilled and everything has been approved by the appropriate departments, your business license will be approved and issued via mail or be available for pickup at Town Hall in 7-14 business days.

Additional Steps:

  • Understand how to pay sales tax (sign up at

  • Schedule fire inspection with Carefree Fire Department

  • Review local signage rules for temporary and permanent signs

  • Understand the process to remodel, expand or change your business.