No Proof of Vehicle Insurance

Dismissing a Ticket
If you mail or provide proof showing that the vehicle involved was insured on the date/time the complaint was issued, the charge will be dismissed.

When Convicted of Insurance Violation
For a 1st offense insurance violation, the mandatory civil sanction is $950 plus a 3-month suspension of your Driver License and vehicle registration(s).

If the vehicle was not insured at the time of violation, the Court may only reduce the fine and waive suspension of your driver license if the following conditions are met:

  • Provide the court with a copy of your 36-month driving record. A copy may be obtained from the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office or online. Your driving record must reflect not have more than one prior insurance conviction in the past 36 months.

  • Purchase a 6-month vehicle insurance policy and submit proof to the court. The only acceptable proof is a vehicle insurance card with a 6-month beginning and end date reflecting the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the insured vehicle or a letter (on letterhead) from the insurance company.

When You Don't Qualify
If you do not qualify for a dismissal or a reduction, and you plea responsible or are found responsible for an insurance violation, by law the Court is required to impose the full sanction amount. The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) will notify you by mail at your last known address of a 3-month suspension of your driver license and vehicle registration. Should this happen, you may be eligible for a restricted driver license. Contact MVD for more details at 602-255-0072.