Sky Ranch Community Relations Committee

The airport at SkyRanch has been at the center of Carefree, Arizona since the town’s earliest origins dating back to the 1950s. The airpark community has been a focal point of the town of Carefree and continues to serve the overall community in many ways.

SkyRanch at Carefree is a private world Class premier fly-in community, that is second to no other airpark.  As a private airport, it is for the explicit use of the members and their guests.  SkyRanch also welcomes visitors doing business in the Town of Carefree, or visiting either of the two lovely resorts in our town – the Boulders or the Civana Wellness Resort.

Town of Carefree — through ordinances Nos. 99-03 and 85-22 — grant a special use permit to Sky Ranch Flight Association to use its property as a private airport and imposes certain conditions on such uses. 

One such condition is the establishment of an advisory committee to advise the airport about its impact on and relationship with the town of Carefree. It also acts as a liaison between the town and the airport. 

The Sky Ranch Community Relations Committee meets at least quarterly with the airport’s management. 

Per the ordinance, the advisory committee must have three members to be appointed by Sky Ranch who shall be members and two persons appointed by Carefree Town Council.

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