Carefree Town Center

Carefree’s Town Center is a unique shopping destination made up of one-of-kind shops, galleries, and restaurants. Anchored by a 4-acre desert botanical garden, visitors can truly have a one-of-a-kind experience. The Carefree Desert Gardens hosts 55 unique species of plants, a splash pad, and a playground, as well as trails dotted with art to explore. Additionally, the Gardens includes the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion, which hosts live entertainment, community events, and wellness activities. 

Town Center also represents an unparalleled experienced-based retail investment reaching a market area of 277,000 people and a median household income of $177,000 within a 30-minute commute. Carefree is experiencing not only significant commercial growth in the market but annual growth in its tourism sector as well. This has led to further enhancement of its hospitality and restaurant sectors, including the addition of a new 97 room hotel. Additionally, Town Center is a Mecca for those looking for health, med spa, and wellness services and activities, and hosts the award-winning Thunderbird Artists Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival three times a year.

To ensure the continued growth and sustainability for this special place, Carefree, through an extensive public process, created the Village Center Master Plan Document in 2015, and updated this plan to a Redevelopment Plan in 2023. 

Carefree is “Committed to the Core”, to ensure this special place will always be a destination, a jewel in the Sonoran Desert, and a great investment for those wanting to be a part of it.

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