Town Clerk/Treasurer

Clerk Duties

  • Attends meetings of Town Council, UCFD and Water Company Boards as official record keeper for the Town and Water Company.

  • Prepares, indexes and files official meeting minutes; coordinates the development and execution of Town Council, UCFD and Water Company Board agenda process and attests to official acts of the Council.

  • Posts and advertises official meetings, public hearings, calls for bids, liquor licenses, documents of public interest, maintains affidavits of publication and posting in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes.

  • Maintains official Town records, including ordinances, resolutions, policy issue resolutions, Council action reports, agendas and minutes and contracts in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes.

  • Ensures official actions, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, bonds and other formal agreements are attested to and countersigned.

  • Holds and is responsible for the Town Seal.

  • Manages Town Cemetery and associated processes.

  • Oversees Town notary and associated training.

Treasurer Duties

  • Responsible for receiving and safeguarding of all Town monies that shall come into the town and makes payments when authorized by the Town Council.

  • Keeps a separate record and account of each different Town fund, appropriates the monies as prescribed by the Town Council and maintains a complete set of books showing every transaction to/from the town, the fund balance, the funding source/purpose of each fund.

  • Manages monthly reports to the council of all receipts and disbursements.

  • Supervises the annual accounting for all Town receipts and expenditures, revenues, appropriations, balance of any indebtedness issued and the amount of cash on hand.

  • Signs checks as needed by both the Town and Water Company.

  • Reviews sales tax numbers monthly and works closely with Town’s Sales Tax Auditor.

Town Accountant/IT

Accountant Duties

  • On a daily basis, tasks include appending cash receipts, reviewing invoices, obtaining necessary approvals for payments, and fulfilling financial records requests. Weekly activities involve processing accounts payable and reconciling bank statements. Bi-weekly tasks include processing payroll and ASRS Retirement wires.

  • Monthly duties consist of updating the Capital Assets System, creating financial statements for Town Council meetings, and updating GL Permanent Record Reports.

  • Quarterly responsibilities include booking Vanguard Interest in the general ledger, creating OpenBooks documentation, and calculating Worker's Compensation Insurance payments.

  • Annually, the role involves coordinating the annual audit with the audit firm and providing all necessary transaction details. Additionally, this position ensures compliance with laws regarding Federal and State Grants and handles tax calculations and payments related to Town Leased property.

Overall, the accountant plays a critical role in ensuring the accuracy, compliance, and efficiency of the Town's financial operations.

IT Duties

This area of expertise is responsible for managing the Town's Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, ensuring the smooth operation of the Local Area Network (LAN) system and providing support for hardware and software. Key responsibilities include:

  • System Maintenance

  • Security Administration

  • Upgrades and Modifications

  • Backup and Data Protection

  • Virus Protection

Every month, tasks include testing file server backups, ensuring all updates are downloaded to workstations, and conducting maintenance activities such as defragmenting local hard drives and deleting unnecessary files. Annually, responsibilities include evaluating newer versions of software for potential upgrades, checking file server logs for hardware errors, and including any necessary upgrades or replacements in the budget process. This area of expertise plays a critical role in maintaining the Town's IT infrastructure and ensuring the security, reliability, and efficiency of computer systems and data management processes.

Town Clerk

Kandace French-Contreras

A picture of Kandace French Contreras Town Clerk

Manages and oversees various aspects of the town's financial operations and administrative duties.


Jim Keen

Responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and overseeing all accounting and auditing operations and activities. Key responsibilities include ensuring the accuracy of financial records, preparing and submitting financial documents and reports, managing budgets, and maintaining ancillary records. Additionally, this role involves collaborating with the Administrator to prepare the annual budget.